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We get so many amazing letters here at Marpac. We've helped save snorers' marriages. Helped people get along with roommates. Kept people out of jail who wanted to throttle noisy neighbors (we actually got a letter like that). We've even helped restless pets get some serious zzzz's. Many of our sound machines have been part of the family for decades. That makes us sleep better, knowing we're making a difference.

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Rave Reviews


Rave Reviews

Also helps for studying/focusing - as a college student it has been exceptionally helpful with that.  (2.21.14 amazon)

Most people who buy this are probably new parents with young children, but as a 21-year-old with four roommates, I would recommend this to drown out any unwanted sounds. I can make it a louder white noise at night when I'm trying to sleep and a quieter one when I'm trying to study. (amazon 1.17.14)

Using this device between a door which separates 2 offices has increased privacy when in meetings, on the phone, and general day to day work. It also helps to drown out background noise and allows for greater focus.(amazon 1.17.14)

I use this outside my office door to cut down on the hallway noise and to protect the privacy of my clients during a session. It does its job perfectly. (amazon 11.10.13)

Purchased this item for work and it has been wonderful. I love the ability to change the volume easily. Would recommend to any office space looking for privacy. (amazon 3.20.13)

It produces the same white noise as the fan did, but not the dryness. It has been 2 weeks and we are sold. I have sleeping very soundly and not waking up in the middle of the night. It has changed my life. Totally worth the investment. Highly recommend this if you have trouble sleeping and staying asleep. (1.17.13 amazon.com)

I tried blasting a fan which did work but wasn't practical. And traveling has always been an issue because I can't cart around a giant box fan. I tried another sleep machine that had feedback and just didn't have the steady stream of white noise that I need. But this one does! The sound is so soothing and is just one flow of noise that doesn't fluctuate. (12.19.12 amazon.com)

I tried just using a fan for white noise for way too long but I would always wake up with an extremely dry throat, plus it never seemed to make enough noise to block everything out. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago.(11.30.12 amazon.com)

The white noise is loud and very effective at drowning out background sounds, and the volume is adjustable to suit your preference. It's the effect of having a fan in the room, but without the cold air freezing you out in the winter time! (10.26.12 walmart.com review)

Best item ever for a new baby — at least for the parents. This will put a baby to sleep in short order. This is our second Sound Conditioner in two months because the first one did such a fantastic job. The hospital should offer these with every delivery — gets the baby to sleep & lets Mom & Dad get some much needed sleep. Wish we would have had them when our kids were little — kids that are now receiving these as gifts. Love it! Happy Mom 317

This sound machine is exactly what I was hoping for. No lullabies, no forest sounds, no 10 minute shut off — just plain old, consistent background noise. I actually bought it for my baby.

I have a new baby as well as a 2 1/2 year old and it was getting really annoying trying to shush my toddler and anyone else in the house when the baby was napping or sleeping. Baby was a light sleeper and would wake easily when my toddler was running around, playing or laughing and such. This sound machine totally blocks out the house noises so my baby can sleep comfortably and everyone else in the house can talk, play, make noise without worry. Happy Mom 135

I love love love it! My baby sleeps through the night now ever since I put it in her room the first night! It is a life saver! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a baby that is having problems sleeping through the night!! Happy Mom 112

Anyway, a friend recommended the Dohm/Marpac Sound Conditioner. I was skeptical.
Let me tell you, I have had it for one week now, and have been getting the best sleep of my life. It provides the perfect type of white noise to cover up any annoying noises that may have kept you from enjoying a full night's rest. (amazon 5.28.13)

I have a two-year-old and a six-month old. Each one has this product in their room. It’s amazing because it blocks out all other noise, including middle of the night crying sessions! I will even take this with me on vacation. A must buy for all moms!!! Happy Mom 428

We were a little skeptical since our environment was more noise polluted than theirs, but I cant even explain how much this little machine improved our quality of life. We ended up staying in our lovely apartment and becoming good friends with the owners of the bar. ALL THANKS to this machine. If this little thing can block out the loud noises of New York city, Im completely confident to say it can work anywhere. Get one! (amazon 1.24.13)

I was a bit skeptical about this device at first but after using it for a year or so, I have become a believer. The noise is neutral and constant. The only part I dont like is turning it off in the morning... it sounds so... quiet! So, if you are looking for a no frills noise making machine, this is a solid and functional option. (2.14.13 amazon)

I'm one of those people who needs a fan/white noise to go to sleep, and I was a little skeptical about this machine. What could it do that my current fan or a white noise app couldn't? Well, I'm not sure why, maybe it's psychological, but this thing lulls me to sleep much faster and keeps me knocked out all night. (amazon, 8.31.14)

I bought this for travel and was initially skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product. It works very well, better than any other noise machine I've had. I like the ability to change the sound and I like the compactness for travel - it's my new and permanent companion. I highly recommend.(amazon, 9.27.14)

..Love the sound - doesn't sound like a radio station off the air like the one I used before. S.A.S. - Whitney Point, NY

...I would have died from sleep deprivation if it were not for my sound machines; I sleep between two sound machines. D.P.J. - Newport, RI

...These things are great. We could not live (sleep) without them. K.A.B. - Denton, TX

...Great Machine - the answer to snore torture. R.L. - York, MA

..We have one in all 4 bedrooms - I can't sleep without it! A.J. - Marietta, GA

...Amazed at how relaxing this unit is. I can feel the layers of stress peel away from the day as I use it. L.K. - Rapid City, SD

...My daughter has one - she simply won't leave home without it. It seems like it's going to replace many sleeping pills for me. N.A. - Shreveport, LA

...Thank you! This saved my sleep! A.G. - West Des Moines, IA

...I bought the last one 40 years ago and it's still working. M.B. - Saginaw, MI

...Love, Love, Love M.B. - Rice, VA

..This is a terrific product! For the first time in 14 years I can't hear the freeway noise & sleep through the night. I have recommended it to others! Thanks! S.W. - North Hollywood, CA

...It's a marriage saver. D.M. - San Clemente, CA

.More effective than "nature-type" sounds. Similar to air conditioner but much more economical to run. P.Y. - Philadelphia, PA

...Best sound conditioner ever made. I can "hear" digital loops on your competitors', but since yours is mechanical, there is no perceivable loop. Perfect. M.F. - Manchester, NH

...I Love this product! My son sleeps so much better with it! I had to buy a 2nd one for his grandma's house. I also like that it is MADE IN THE USA! GO MARPAC! K.G. - Scottsboro, AL

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